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Ultimate Sales Mastery

8 weeks | 30+ hours | expert mentors | result oriented

The Sales Secret

To stay at the top of the game, best professionals and organizations knows that sales mastery and excellence isn’t inherited. Rather, it’s earned — through a combination of processes, systems, tools and continuous training. Right input always leads to the right output when offered the right systems.


The Most Detailed Program Ever

In this Program, we’re pulling back the curtain to show you what goes into defining, achieving, and maintaining Sales Mastery through the 4 important impact stages. This is where the sales processes & mechanics comes in to play. This detailed program transforms your sales.


Practical Result-Oriented Training

What goes in comes out. Creating a process for consistent and sustainable businesses growth. Create a Customer Experience across the customer journey map and managing the micro moments which leads to higher NPS, and referrals to build a massive pipeline.


Get Success in Sales Everytime

What used to work in sales doesn't work anymore. It's tougher than ever to get through to decision makers, differentiate your offerings, and win sales. Sales is tough and post covid it has become all the more tougher to those who are not prepared. Businesses have shut shop due to "NO" revenues/sales/customers and this happened because these organisations have not changed with times and adapted to the new ways of selling.

Scale up your Business Growth!

In today’s world we all need to be good salesperson as every day we are either selling our ideas, wanting our loved ones to listen to us, selling services/products or convincing investors to raise funding. Basically, round the clock, 365 days we are selling & therefore Sales Mastery becomes very essential and this course helps you master the art of sales in the most effective manner. Ultimate Sales Mastery helps you learn how to unravel the needs of your customers, how to gain their commitment, how to convert their ‘No’ to ‘Yes’, and how to handle the various attitudes of the customers. This program will also help you to understand the joy of selling, how to sell better, the secret of why customers buy, how to make a powerful value proposition, how to present a solution, and so on. So what you are waiting for?

Experience the Ultimate Transformation

A Customised, Practical and easily Executable Approach to Sell


Drive the change across your team and organization


You will be able to Close more deals and even charge higher prices


You will learn How to keep sales pipeline always full


Learn how to negotiate better and close deals faster


Build confidence and skill in dealing with difficult situations


Get more customers irrespective of market situation


Effective closing techniques and building a massive pipeline


Why Choose the Ultimate Sales Mastery Program?

The Most Complete Program Ever
Knowledge & Information
Practical Techniques & Templates
Assignments for Application
Capstone Projects Valuable Bonuses

HiSales has trained professionals from

Asian Paints
Hero Motocorp
Big Basket
IDFC First

Sales ≠ Struggle & Stress

Sales is a Natural and Effortless process, it is all about understanding the customer’s pain points and addressing them subtly. Through this program, we will master the sales process and close sales like a PRO.

Don't focus on more leads, work on conversion!

More leads that don't convert or leads that convert and keep buying?

Understand your customer's Pains & Aspirations

Avoidance for Pains and Pursuit for Aspirations are powerful motives.

Assist the Customers in the Sales Funnel

Track the customer throughout the sales process and guide them ahead.

The Revolutionary approach

What You will Learn in this Program

You will learn the practical approach to handle the Sales Process, from Lead Generation to Closing Sale and Measuring Results. This Program will makes Sales super simple, so you can perform effortlessly and radically multiply your Income to astronomical levels.


All About Belief And Mindset


Goal Setting and Scheduling


Buyer Persona, Lead Generation, Lead Qualification & Nurturing


Discovering Needs Using SPIN Selling And Questioning


Designing Solution Through Effective Sales Story And Creating The Perfect Pitch For Customers


Negotiating Like A Pro And Overcoming Objections Successfully In Any Scenario


How to sell Value and not price and Closing the deal


Creating seamless customer experience


Measure And Control The Outcome - Measurement

View Complete Course Details

1. The belief (BAAR matrix) and growth mindset framework and how to develop the same.

2. How the sales belief system works

3. VBA framework and the ways to develop the same.

4. The power of WHY and how it works in sales.

5. The Sales Model Canvas – Understanding and implementing it in your business.

6. Pre-work Assignments and Post work Assignments and reading materials

Tools – BAAR matrix, SMC template, VBA framework

1. Goal setting strategy and creating a SMART goal setting for your company.

2. The complete practical and implementable goal setting process.

3. Understanding OKR and setting up of the same.

4. Understanding scheduling and how to manage time using the time scheduling technique.

5. Pre-work Assignments and Post work Assignments and reading materials

Tools – GOAL setting process sheet, GOAL Template, Time scheduling template

1. Understanding Buyer persona and find the right clients, paying clients.

2. Understanding Lead generation techniques – practical and implementable techniques.

3. Generate a min of 500+ leads for next 6 months using – Free tools, F.R.O.G technique and 6 point framework techniques.

4. Understanding how to qualify leads and creating a Lead qualification matrix for your company using BANT and other techniques.

5. Nurturing leads through cold calling, Cold email using scripts for various scenarios. Best sales practices will be discussed for cold calling, cold emailing and dealing with clients at different stages.

6. Pre-work Assignments and Post work Assignments and reading materials

Tools – GOAL setting process sheet, GOAL Template, Time scheduling template

1. How to discover customer needs and problems and understand the psychology of customer buying.

2. The art of asking questions to uncover the problems and design the solution

3. Effective questioning techniques in sales

4. SPIN selling workshop

5. Pre-work Assignments and Post work Assignments and reading materials

Tools – 50 question list to discover need, SPIN sheet, The questioning framework sheet

1. What is story telling in sales and understanding the Story setting.

2. Understanding the Story ARC and Story framework – STORY, SPA.

3. Essential elements of an effective sales pitch and developing a sales pitch for your customers.

4. The 10 steps sales pitch and presentation technique every professional to have.

5. Pre-work Assignments and Post work Assignments and reading materials.

Tools – Story Arc, SPARK sheet, SPA template Tools – BP template, Lead source, lead scoring template, Scripts for calling and Email

1. The types of negotiation and how to deal with the personalities

2.Negotiation key concepts, Negotiation process and Framework.

3. Negotiation scenarios and how to deal with them

4. Overcoming objections using the 5 WHY and CARDC framework.

5. Simulation – different objection scenario and how to deal and respond in such situation.

6. Pre-work Assignments and Post work Assignments and reading materials

Tools – Negotiation planning form, Negotiation checklist, CARDC framework

1. Understanding what is Value and the value selling process and framework

2. How to show value to customers using various tools – Pitch, Credibility, Usage and how to demonstrate ROI and ROTI.

3. The effective closing process.

4. The most common closing techniques.

5. Pre-work Assignments and Post work Assignments and reading materials

Tools – Value selling framework, ROI calculator, Value selling sheet

1. Understanding the CAC, CLTV and the complete referral process.

2. The customer journey map.

3. Understanding the ZMOT and the micro-moments and using them effectively in your business.

4. The 9 building blocks of customer experience.

5. Delivering and creating a system of world class and seamless customer experience.

6. Creating a detailed Referral process for your business

7. Pre-work Assignments and Post work Assignments and reading materials

Tools – Referral Set-up document

1. Understanding the key measurement metrics.

2. Understanding NPS and how to create it for your ecosystem.

3. Designing key performance indicators and know how to measure them.

4. How to create a customized measurement dashboard for discussion and goal alignment.

5. Pre-work Assignments and Post work Assignments and reading materials

Tools – measurement metrics and tools in one sheet

Who Should Join the Program?

Sales team not performing to the potential?

No growth in Business due to low or poor sales?

Not able to hit the sales quota consistently?

Not able to Scale the business?

Not sure how to sell in the New Normal and Virtual world?

Any challenges in sales and selling?

About the Trainer

Prakash Batna

Sales Consultant, Trainer and Entrepreneur

Prakash is a Sales Trainer, Consultant and Entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience. He has conducted over 150+ training programs and helped over 7000+ participants achieve Sales Mastery.

Prakash’s strength lies in Sales, Business Development, Scaling and growing organizations, Complete Sales Process, Channel Management, Key Account Management and creating Sales success blueprint for organizations. 

The Success of Our Sales Blueprint

Sunil Chavan

Sales Head, Vikreed solutions

Most useful to me was understanding the step by step sales process & learning practical tools to be a more effective manager. Prakash made sales look so easy and fun. I would definitely love to be a part of all Hisales programs.

Ashish Pradhan

Trainer, Enlight Spoken English

The Hisales program was helpful. It boosted my confidence level to have more sales and my sales increased. I hope to have more sessions from Hisales Consulting in future.

Harsh Shah

Co-Founder, The Social Firefly

"Phenomenal Program! Loved the way simplified the selling process for our sales team. We have already started to see astronomical results from the activities. This is totally worth the money, I recommend it to all businesses.

Sai Nadukula

Regional Sales Manager, Wendiman Pvt Ltd

"Great! I am excited about implementing these tools and techniques. I learned many ways to be more effective with warm leads and closing new opportunities."

Dimple Verma

CEO, Whizrobo Pvt Ltd

"Prakash is excellent. He is an expert and the way he simplifies the complex sales concepts and makes it easy to understand and implement is the best. I have had many sales trainings before but this program from Hisales is simply outstanding. In next session I’d nominate my sales team. I wish the very best to team Hisales and keep doing this great work. "

Manoj Deshmane

CEO, Qualis Engineers

"Perfect. A complete and Comprehensive program for sales success. It's truly the Best sales training ever."

Akshay Alegavi

Founder, Hybridsoul Pvt Ltd

"Your sales training is responsible for the 60% increase in sales and 70% increase in leads in the last 5 months. I thank the team of Hisales for introducing this program to us and making the overall sales and selling process simple, consistent and predictable. My most sincere thanks to Prakash sir for changing our belief system and making the team come together and implement the effective sales process for consistent results. All the best Prakash sir and team Hisales."

Gaurav Agarwal

Sales and Ops manager, Zeta

"Great program! A must have for every sales professional & sales leader who wants to grow the business by introducing & implementing simple yet effective sales process. Practical, insightful & easy to implement. "

Ganesh G

West head, ACK Media

"Outstanding. Much new information to think about and practice. Most useful was the value of the handout and Prakash’s ability to get everyone engaged and involved."

Avishek Singh

CFO, Samyog Foods Pvt Ltd

"I learned many useful skills; how to research prospects, develop relationships, ask questions, listen, and watch for buyer shifts and how to close the sale."


HR, Rajat Group

"First class training! Great overview of the basic concepts and lots of ideas for making professional selling a process. Thank you Prakash Sir for such a wonderful program to our sales team. This has really made a difference in their approach & outcome"

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